12 October 2010

Dear Neglected Blog

Hello Project Nuts and Bolts. Do you remember me? Do you remember all the times I enthusiastically wrote random blog posts on your polka dotted walls and agonized over posting digital images of myself in a ghetto, Indian-owned internet café in Paris? Do you remember all the irregular blog posts I started and never published, wondering what you would think of my flat and sometimes overly cynical thoughts about the world?

I guess I finally came to the realization a year and a half ago that my life simply wasn’t interesting enough for you. I kept seeing the dynamic relationships between other blog owners and their blogs. They wrote about traveling the world, making fantastic creations in the kitchen from scratch, getting married, having babies, and learning some all-important skill. What on earth could I possibly offer you that would be as exciting as recreating every one of Julia Child’s recipes or starting a worldwide happiness project? In other words, dear blog, it wasn’t you, it was me.

You originally started out as a report on my shenanigans in Paris. But when I got home four years ago, writing for you became much like writing a college essay with no prompt – fuzzy and uncertain. My mind became cluttered with possibilities that I could never seem to make coherent or cohesive. And as the drafts grew, so did my guilt and hesitation to post them. What would you think of me? How do these posts fit in with the theme of the project? What was even the theme?

But today I came to an astounding realization: who cares? So what if I don’t have a theme? Who cares if I can’t come up with clever political satires or don’t have any cute babies to brag about? Sure, blogs are written with the intent of others potentially reading them, so some things may just not be worth taking the time to post. But more importantly, blogs make up a network of thoughts that ultimately help contribute to the human experience. Since I’m a human, am I not a small part of that experience? Is there not something I could contribute, even if it is mostly for my benefit?

So, dear blog, I think it is time you and I became friends again. I’m not making any guarantees that I will always be diligent, or that we will be good friends forever. But I think there are things we can still learn from each other yet. Let's be in touch again soon.




Shanny said...

I'm quite happy with your conclusions. I, too, think that blogging doesn't need a theme or goal or even cute baby to brag about. It's all about whatever you want it to be about. Random is good.

Welcome back!

Elizabeth said...

Hey glad to see you back on the blog!! miss you!